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Monday, May 17, 2021

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 What is new for 2020:

• Summer Reading Challenge runs from Friday 5 June to September 2020
• You can set your own reading goal this year, but we recommend aiming for 6 books
• Everything is online and digital this year, including signing-up
• We’re not offering physical rewards for 2020, but there are rewards and achievements for you to unlock online (lots of fun to have too!)
• LibrariesWest will be supporting the Summer Reading Challenge from Friday 5 June, but we’ll be hosting a second launch on Saturday 11 July. Keep your eyes peeled for more details and activities!
What has stayed the same?
• The challenge is open to children aged 4-11
• The Summer Reading Challenge encourages families to use and engage with libraries
• The Summer Reading Challenge is designed to keep children engaged in reading over the summer holiday and promote reading for pleasure
• You can read anything! We encourage you to read any kind of book, listen to audiobooks, pick up a comic or graphic novel, try out a magazine...any literary format counts (but not movies)! You can use the library’s free eResources or use books you have at home.
Where can children sign up? www.sillysquad.org.uk
Online library membership and eResources: www.librarieswest.org.uk