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Thursday, October 01, 2020

Radstock Town CouncilWelcome to Our Website

Being a councillor

Could I be a councillor?

Councillors are elected to represent an individual geographical unit on the council known as a ward.  They are generally elected by the public every four years.  

What do councillors do?

Councillors have three main components to their work.

  1. Decision Making
  2. Monitoring
  3. Getting involved locally

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Code of conduct

Every Councillor is required to sign up to the Council Code of Conduct which sets the standard of behaviour expected of members of the Council in their representation of the community. 

Radstock’s Code of Conduct - Adopted Sept 2012

The Good Councillors Guide

Essential reading for Councillors and anyone thinking about becoming a councillor.

Good Councillors Guide

Representatives to outside bodies

Your Radstock Councillors attend meetings of a number of organisations to keep informed and look after your interests.  The Councillors report back to the Council on the events and meetings they have attended.  A list of current representation can be found here.

Representation on Outside Bodies